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RIP Plastics LLC

is a start-up focused on saving our soils. We are looking for collaboration towards sustainable development and management. RIP Plastics has three main objectives; Research new ways to save our planet from plastic pollution. Inoculate plastic waste for decomposition creating products from that waste. In addition to providing knowledge of plastic consuming fungi through our community upskill programs.

Programs such as nature soaks, forays, remediation projects, mycorrhizal missions, green-thumb galas, and upskill groups are located in Winter Park CO. Our groups are centered to improve understanding in micro-plastics, consumer impacts, and better recycling/ soil practices. As well as a deeper understanding for fungi, and the many uses of mycelium. Groups are geared for all ages with adult, family and young humanoid programs available. Private classes or save our soils school assemblies are available; please email for pricing and current schedule. 

RIP Plastics’s main objective is to eliminate single use waste from our planet forever! We do this by collecting non-recyclable/waste plastics, from local businesses and our natural environments for fungi nutrition.

In this ever-evolving industry, RIP Plastics values the balance of life on our planet. We come together to create healthier environments for all to thrive. With forward thinking individuals, and mycoremediation, we strive to assist communities to reach stronger biodiversity.

* Want to become a part of the RIP Plastics Team? Opportunities available. 

* Are you a small business owner interested in working with us? Contact us! Currently serving PNW and Colorado based companies. 

* Summer 2024 upskilling group schedules

  Available upon request.

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Inspiring Recycling 

Kindness Moves Mountains! Let’s be kind to our planet we have mountains of plastic to move.

Do you have plastic waste you wish to recycle? Email us today!

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